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Sexual health and pleasure are important parts of our lives. But where do you turn when you are struggling with aspects of your sexuality?

As a sex therapist, I work with couples and individuals who are struggling with dissatisfaction in their sex life. As with any kind of psychotherapy, there is never any intimate physical touching, disrobing, or sexual activity of any kind during these sessions.  

I welcome individuals and couples of all different ethnicities, religions, sexual orientations and identities into my practice. I always strive to learn from my clients and meet you where you are most comfortable. 


Struggles my clients

come to me with include:

  • Increasing sexual confidence

  • Communication around sexuality and desire

  • Low or absent desire

  • Desire discrepancies between partners 

  • Sexual shame

  • Resolving painful sex

  • Arousal and orgasm difficulties

  • Sexual dysfunctions

  • Out of control sexual behaviors (Sexual/Pornography Addiction)

  • Sexual anxiety & aversion

  • Atypical sexual interests

  • Kink and fetishes

  • Sex after pregnancy, cancer, or other illnesses

  • Questions about your sexual or gender identity

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